Business Intelligence + Version Control
Data Analysts create SQL models. Users explore models via self-service interface.
This speeds up the Q&A cycle and engages the entire team.
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Data Analysts
Build SQL Models
Standard SQL
Use it when you need it.
Dont Repeat Yourself
Reuse SQL blocks.
Instant Validation
All visualizations and dashboards are automatically checked for errors after making changes to the data model.
Test Environments
Work on changes in test branches before making them available to everyone in production.
Business Users
Explore on Their Own
Powerful Query Builder
The views are joined at query time based on the selected and filtered fields. Different charts know which fields they can work with.
True Self Service
Don't wait for someone else to get the visualization you need. Just select and filter model fields, then specify the chart type.
See generated SQL
Queries that are easy to read and understand.
Share Dashboards
Beautiful Charts
More than 20 chart types that you can customize without code.
Global Filters
Specify links between specific reports and dashboard filters
Role Based Access Control
Fine-tune access to visualizations, dashboards and models.
Version control for DataOps
Mprove models, visualizations and dashboards are all synchronized with YAML files and become the basis for using the Git version control system.
Git Repositories
Personal test environment (local repository) for each SQL analyst.
Production environment (remote repository) for all project users.
Git Branches
Make changes safely. See the results instantly. Push to production when ready.
Git Commands
Save, Commit, Push, Pull, Merge, Revert - much of what you need for powerful change management.
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