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Version Control

Project repositories store BlockML files:


For each project, Mprove automatically creates a personal repo for each SQL developer (BlockML editor) and a shared repo for the production environment. Developers can switch between production and personal repositories using repoName-branchName selector.

Git branches allow SQL developers to edit BlockML files and test changes without affecting production code. When you're happy with the changes you've made, you can commit and push them to production to share the updated models with your team.

Git related actions are available on BlockML page:

  • Save - Save the changes you made to the file. Mprove will automatically check all BlockML files in the project repository for errors on every save.
  • Commit - Commit changes.
  • Push - Deploy committed changes to production.
  • Revert to last commit - Discard saved changes that were not committed.
  • Revert to production - Revert all changes to the current production version.
  • Pull - Pull changes from another branch and merge them into the current branch.

Before pushing changes to production it’s necessary to:

  • Pull last production changes (if any made by other developers).
  • Resolve possible conflicts of two versions.
  • Resolve Errors (if any found upon Save).
  • Commit changes.